Brun Clough Reservoir

Brun Clough reservoir was built as part of the works for the Standedge tunnel. It was one of a series of feeder reservoirs that provided water to the Huddersfield Narrow Canal as it passed deep under the hillside.

Reservoirs like this show how the engineering skills of our ancestors left large physical features in the landscape. What you see now as a reservoir is a small aspect of an enormous construction project taking many years and men to complete, and which also cost many lives. Businessmen and landowners were increasingly able to bend nature to their will, by pouring technology, cash and labourers into it.

The reservoir was completed before the canal opened in 1811. It was sometimes called the Standedge Reservoir or the Floating Light Reservoir. The area around the reservoir used to be called Burn Clough.

Today Brun Clough Reservoir provides water for people to enjoy angling and canal boating through the Standedge Tunnel.

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The Standedge Tunnel & Visitor Centre at Tunnel End, Marsden, provides an excellent day out and presents a wealth of information relating to this engineering marvel.