Roman Road

The remains of a Roman road from Chester to York came through the Castleshaw Valley via the Castleshaw fort. Large ridges and ditches mark the line of the road going east from the fort. We lose sight of them as they approach Standedge.

The road was first travelled around 80-125 AD, when Castleshaw fort was occupied. The road probably continued to be used for centuries after Britain was no longer a Roman province. The road represents the impact of the Roman way of life on the landscape. Timber and other resources were removed and carted away to where the army or the townsfolk needed them. Local ecology suffered as a result. Clear safety perimeter, furnaces for use in metal-working, heating water for bath-houses and central heating, bread ovens and domestic fires placed huge pressure on local woodland resources; which had already been put under some pressure from more localised clearance and agriculture during prehistoric times.

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The Greater Manchester Historic Environment Record retains copies of the original aerial photographs of the road and the fort, originally taken by Professor GDB Jones of Manchester University.