The People of Prehistoric Castleshaw

People lived in Castleshaw as far back as the prehistoric Bronze Age, up to 4,000 years ago, and beyond. We have a small number of clues as to what they were doing here.

A ‘beaker’ vessel, other assorted fragments of pottery, and a ‘barbed and tanged’ flint arrowhead were recovered from the Roman fort at Castleshaw. There is also ‘Jackson’s Barrow’ - a burial mound on Harrop Edge - and a complete prehistoric axe.

The prehistoric objects found at Castleshaw Roman fort date from what we call the Early Bronze Age, which is between 2350 BC - 1501 BC. Jackson’s Barrow and the axe also probably date from this time.

These provide some evidence of objects that were created, touched, treasured and used by people a very long time ago. They give us a tiny glimpse into their lives.

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Places to go

The Manchester Museum Manchester University retains the Bronze Age beaker pottery. Gallery Oldham, retains many of the prehistoric flint objects that were found at the Roman fort. Archaeological material is available to view by prior appointment.