Roadside Inns

At one time, you could find plenty of inns and public houses along the turnpike roads. Each of these will have made their money from the passing trade traffic.

These public houses provided a recognised central place for financial transactions amongst the local people. One of the inhabitants of the Horse and Jockey was an auctioneer, and many estate sales took place inside. The wool trade, which had helped to bring about the roads, indirectly provided additional work for local people in the inns and supplying the inns. The Globe Inn was also a farm, with a barn and stables, and its owner also ran a haulage business from the premises.

The Victoria and the Globe Inn in the Valley appear on historic maps and in trade directories as public houses or beershops. Both had stables attached or nearby.

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Inns of Saddleworth and Victorian Saddleworth are available from the Saddleworth Museum and Art Gallery, which also houses the Saddleworth Historical Society Archives. These contain a good deal of information relating to the former inns of Castleshaw, and are available to researchers by prior appointment.