Rocking Around Rombalds Moor

The sun shone as a team from CSI: Rombalds Moor led a walk across Ilkley Moor on Sunday 22nd July as part of the Council for British Archaeology’s Festival of British Archaeology.

The team had been recording the carved stones across the moor since October 2011, and this was an excellent opportunity for the team to share their knowledge and experiences. The walk took in just some of the many carved stones that are sited on the moor, and also visited the Early Prehistoric enclosure at Backstone Beck. Members of the team talked about the environment during the Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age (the time when most of the stones were carved), discussed the different theories surrounding these enigmatic stones, and demonstrated the techniques that they are using to make detailed records of each of the stones.

The walk was a great success and promoted lots of interesting discussion about the carved rocks and the surrounding landscape.

For more information on CSI: Rombalds Moor, visit the project’s blog.