Discovering the Uplands

Remote and yet accessible - that is one of many contradictions of the Watershed Landscape. This landscape can be seen by thousands of people from the M62 on a daily basis yet many of the millions of people who live in the surrounding towns and cities have never visited.

The Watershed Landscape is easy to reach and has good public transport connections. Many of the South Pennine villages and towns allow direct access on foot up into the moorlands above and the project sought to help bring this moorland backdrop back into people’s lives. Even for those who cannot physically reach the uplands, the project provided plenty of opportunities to be inspired by, learn more about, and be involved in caring for this unique place.

One of the key elements of the project involved providing and improving access to the upland landscape to help new and existing audiences explore the area. A number of key strands improved both physical access, through footpath, car park and signage improvements and intellectual access through improved interpretation on and off site, new trail leaflets, downloadable learning resources, and new opportunities to get involved in activities. Working with a whole network of partners also allowed us to bring the landscape to new audiences through art exhibitions, museum displays, family activities, volunteering opportunities and community events.