Moorland Restoration

Blanket bog, heathland, grasslands, and woodland, all habitats that characterise the Watershed Landscape have been identified through local conservation action plans and in consultation with partners, interest groups and landowners as areas which should be prioritised for care. The UK Biodiversity Action Plan also identifies all these habitats as being of international importance requiring protection and enhancement.

Funding to help restore and conserve these priority habitats comes largely through agri-environment funding which supports landowners to help manage these sites properly. The Watershed Landscape Project complemented the work already being done through agri-environment schemes by supporting additional projects. These included reducing visitor impact on well-used walking routes by installing causey paving, repairing drystone walling, re-instating hay meadows on land at the edges of the moors, surveying and recording heritage features in the landscape, and improving access for a wider range of recreational users, as well as promoting the educational opportunities presented by this special landscape.