Recent graffiti to carved stone

Damage to Hangingstones that occurred during the late summer of 2012 (Richard Stroud)

Rock Art Monitoring

During the course of the Watershed Landscape Project, the CSI: Rombalds Moor team recorded the condition of almost 500 carved stones. This has provided a baseline for future assessments and monitoring. The team also assessed the potential threat posed to each of the carvings. These ranged from prevailing weather conditions to off-road vehicles (see the Rock Art at Risk news story for more information and photographs). Whilst some of the stones are sited in remote locations, almost 25% are within five metres of a footpath. A summary report of the condition and threat assessments can be downloaded here.

In order to further protect and manage these internationally important archaeological features, any further damage to the stones needs to be noted. This can be done using the Rock Art Monitoring (RAM) form. The form is designed to be simple and easy to use, capturing the key information on the damage to the carving including a photograph. The RAM form can be completed on a mobile device or by emailing the form along with a photograph to

The submitted form will be sent to West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service who maintain the historic environment record (HER). They will use this information to update the HER and, where appropriate, forward the details to relevant bodies. By collating the data together within the HER, damage can be monitored and continued damage to single stones or within specific areas will be highlighted.   

Click here to complete the form on a mobile device (please note that this may not work on all devices).

Click here for the Word document.

The individual panel indentifiers can be downloaded from here

The England's Rock Art database contains all of the CSI: Rombalds Moor records completed during the course of the project and can be accessed here.

Movie of the damage to Hangingstones: click here.