Causey Paving

Rombalds & Ilkley Moor

On Rombalds and Ilkley Moor at the north of the project area the demand for access to this interesting landscape, particularly to archaeological sites and viewpoints, is having a damaging effect on the vegetation, especially across fragile wetlands and bogs. To help ensure that people can still use the moor whilst making sure that these fragile habitats are protected, Bradford Metropolitan District Council worked with the Watershed Landscape Project to lay new paved pathways using attractive, traditional, local materials. Sometimes known as ‘causey paving’, this solution helps to keep people on the most used pathways and is an effective, non-intrusive way of protecting the vegetation allowing it to restore itself.

In addition, the Friends of Ilkley Moor looked to improve and restore access to two public tarns at the fringe of the moorland area, both of which are important cultural, historical and ecological features in this landscape.