Homes for Birds

‘Is that a cow or a sheep?’

‘That was the best day ever!’

I’ve always wanted to stroke a cow, but I’ve never dared before.’

‘If I speak in English, will the sheep understand me?’

These were just some of the remarks made by primary school children after a week run by the Howarth's of Higher Allescholes Farm, Walsden, who were not only involved in the Twite Recovery Project, but also run educational projects for young people. In February 2011, Yvonne Howarth ran a full week for local school children who came up to the farm at Ramsden for a day. They built bird boxes for robins, bird tables for garden birds, and learnt about our little Pennine Finch, the Twite (which of course doesn’t need a nest box as it is ground nesting), who has been seen on the moors and the nearby meadows foraging for seed over the last few years.

See Ramsden Farm for further information and events.