Photo: Katie Quantrell

New Resources Reveal Geological Secrets

geology n. 1. the science which deals with the physical structure and substance of the earth. 2. the geological features of a district. (Oxford English Dictionary)

The landscape of the South Pennines is breathtaking, and full of amazing archaeological and historical features. But what makes it so beautiful, and why has it been so important to people over thousands of years?  The project has worked closely with the West Yorkshire Geology Trust (WYGT) to produce a suite of resources to help unravel the secrets of the rocks and landscapes of the South Pennines.

These resources include:

  • Seven indepth downloadable leaflets:
    • Baildon Moor Local Geology Site (LGS);
    • Cludders Rocks, Widdop LGS;
    • Dimples Quarry, Haworth LGS;
    • Gorpley Clough, Todmorden LGS;
    • March Haigh and Buckstones LGS;
    • Ogden Clough, Ogden Water LGS;
    • and Todmorden Moor.
  • Additional resources at Marsden Moor include a podcast and posters in the exhibition space adjoining the Marsden Moor estate office.
  • Finally, WYGT contributed to the popular Riches of the Earth publication. This book represents the culmination of the work of three teams of volunteers who investigated the exploitation of these mineral resources, and their importance to the communities living in the South Pennines.