South Pennines Heritage on the International Stage

The heritage of the South Pennines and the many ways in which people have been encouraged to engage with it have been truly exciting aspects of the Project. These aspects have not only been discussed on a local level, but also nationally and now internationally.

In June 2012, Louise Brown (Community Archaeologist) travelled to an international conference entitled ‘Sustainability and Heritage: How Can the Past contribute to a Sustainable Future?’ in Orkney. She presented a paper on the legacy of community archaeology in the region as a result of the Watershed Landscape Project. This paper was not only well-received but prompted later discussion and sharing of ideas and experiences.  

Heading further afield, project consultants Minerva Heritage travelled to Sweden in June 2013 to present at the European Association for Heritage Interpretation conference, entitled ‘Sharing our natural and cultural heritage: interpretation can make us citizens of the world.’ Minerva Heritage have worked on several interpretation aspects of the project and presented a paper highlighting how the heritage of this landscape has demonstrated the global connections of the South Pennines.

By researching and telling the fascinating stories of the moor and creating new ones to inspire future generations, we are protecting and enhancing this special place whilst helping more people to experience this stunning landscape first-hand.