Sally Barker

Sally is a practising visual artist who recently returned to Calderdale having lived in London for 22 years. Having originally been brought up on a farm near Halifax, the Pennine Landscape is very much in Sally’s blood and has been a constant source of inspiration even when living miles away.

Her work uses architecture and the landscape to explore issues around identity, place, control and the theme of outsider/insider. Through a combination of sculpture and photography and often incorporating a change of scale, she explores the complex relationship between ourselves and our environment.

Sally's work during year one of the project was a response to the vast openness and scale of this landscape with its stunning geological features. Sally sourced locally found materials, like sheep poo, clay, heather, and used them to create sculptural responses to specific locations. These were then photographed back in the landscape. She sometimes introduced another, outsider landscape in model form, into the frame to highlight characteristics and create a dialogue between two landscapes.

Sally worked with different groups to help them explore the watershed and despite a winter residency, managed to convince participants out onto the windswept, rainy moors, sometimes for the first time. She is passionate about this landscape and enjoyed being able to share it, and her work, with other people.