Simon Warner

Simon is a landscape photographer and filmmaker with a keen interest in the history of landscape art and the culture that surrounds nature; what attracts us to certain views and certain terrain? What sort of countryside do we preserve at all costs, and where are we happy (more or less) to allow encroachment and development? This question seems particularly applicable to the South Pennine region where there is a long history of different interest groups competing for its wildness.

In partnership with the Brontë Parsonage Museum, and working in the Yorkshire-Lancashire border area near Haworth, Simon spent his residency exploring our contemporary attraction to the gritstone uplands by talking to people and studying other artistic and literary responses to this countryside. Simon also worked with community groups from Keighley in a close study of the moorland environment, documenting responses and developing their photographic skills so that they could contribute visually to the project.

Simon’s Yorkshire-based projects include the video triptych 'A Guide to Yorkshire Rivers'; the video installation 'Leaving Hom'e at the Brontë Parsonage Museum; 'Transported', a residency on the 36 bus between Leeds and Harewood (2009); and 'Seven Streams', a research project combining film, public participation and live performance in Bradford (2010). Other performances include 'Lavater – The Shadow of History' commissioned for the Arts Council England touring exhibition 'Alchemy', and lecture demonstrations for the Magic Lantern Society.