Podscroll Trails

A series of podscroll trails to help you explore the South Pennines using your mobile phone! 

Please take care when walking in the uplands. Please ensure you have suitable shoes, clothing and supplies and follow the Countryside Code and Moorland Code.

Downloadable Resources

Podscroll Instructions

Open this PDF document for a quick reference guide to downloading our podscrolls and uploading them onto your smart phone or ipod.

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Passage to the Pennines Heritage Trail

Communities grew out of the need to provide and maintain the essential routes across the challenging South Pennine landscape. This Podscroll tells the story of one such community and uncovers the evidence for cross-Pennine communications in Marsden. The walk is 2km and is universally accessible, keeping to well kept roads and pathways. Produced by Minerva Heritage Ltd: www.minervaheritage.com (5.42MB zip)

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Going the Distance Heritage Trail

People made and used essential routes across the challenging South Pennines landscape. Routes developed and evolved over time, and people had to work hard to maintain their effectiveness. Use this Podscroll to find out about the routes and the people who made them. The walk is 2.8km with gentle up and downhill slopes, and rough ground underfoot on the moorland. Produced by Minerva Heritage Ltd: www.minervaheritage.com. (4.44MB zip)

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Reservoir Spotters Guide

Use this Podscroll guide to help you explore the South Pennine reservoir landscape and identify architectural features and some of the varied wildlife you might see whilst walking near an upland reservoir. The guide has been built using images from the South Pennines where there are over 40 reservoirs. That's a lot of water... (15.3MB zip)

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Sheddon Clough Podscroll Trail

This Podscroll will help you explore the unusual limestone hushings at Sheddon Clough on foot. Use the podscroll on your iphone or smartphone to guide you around the site with information about the history of the area and the flora and fauna you might see. Full download / upload instructions are included in the zip file. (8.57MB zip)

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Ilkley Moor Podscroll Trail

Use this Podscroll on your smart phone to guide you on a walk exploring the fantastic prehistoric carved rocks on Ilkley Moor. The walk is approximately 4.5km and will take 1-1.5 hours. Please plan carefully when going out walking on the moors. Weather can change quickly and without warning. Always carry a map. (18.32MB zip)

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