Additional Resources

This area contains useful documents, summaries and guides created during the lifetime of the Project.

Downloadable Resources

Podscroll Instructions

Open this PDF document for a quick reference guide to downloading our podscrolls and uploading them onto your smart phone or ipod.

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Reservoir Spotters Guide Podscroll

Use this Podscroll guide to help you explore the South Pennine reservoir landscape and identify architectural features and some of the varied wildlife you might see whilst walking near an upland reservoir. The guide has been built using images from the South Pennines where there are over 40 reservoirs. That's a lot of water... (15.3MB zip)

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Outdoor Learning Twitter chat summary

On 20th June 2012 The Watershed Landscape Project (@Tweetingtwite) hosted a live online Twitter chat about outdoor learning. Over 140 organisations or individuals took part and shared interesting and innovative examples of outdoor learning, free learning resources and research related to outdoor learning using the hashtag #outdoorlearning. We have brought all these examples and ideas together in this pdf for participants and anyone interested to download for free. (357KB pdf)

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