Archaeological Survey

The following Guidance Sheets provide a guide to the basic field survey techniques and methodologies adopted by the Riches of the Earth project. The survey methodology adopted by this project has been selected due to its simplicity and its non-reliance on expensive technical instruments.

Further Reading

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  • English Heritage guides to archaeological recording (i.e. Understanding Archaeological Landscapes).
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Downloadable Resources

GS1 - Basic field survey techniques

(247KB pdf)

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GS2 - The automatic level

(265KB pdf)

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GS3 - Preparing Google Earth imagery for fieldwalking

(232KB pdf)

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GS4 - Fieldwalking using Google Earth imagery

(89KB pdf)

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GS5 - Recording individual features

(285KB pdf)

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GS6 - Using handheld GPS units

(92KB pdf)

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Field survey recording form

(143KB pdf)

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Feature recording form

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Aerial photography recording form

(31KB pdf)

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