Introduction to Upland Archaeology

The landscape as we see it today is the result of human behaviour over many years and may therefore contain features from many different periods. In some cases the features survive as standing monuments or earthworks as they have escaped modern agriculture. However, it is likely that the full extent of the feature is not visible. As a result it is often difficult to recognise and identify features.

The Spotters Guide has been designed to help you to start to investigate the archaeology of the South Pennine uplands.

More information about the Spotters Guide can be found here.

Downloadable Resources

Spotters Guide - interactive version

Spotters Guide to Upland Archaeology with links for digital viewing. (9.79MB pdf)

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Spotters Guide - print version

Print version of the Spotters Guide to Upland Archaeology. (7.11MB pdf)

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Spotters Guide - Further Reading

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