Free Heritage Walk, Marsden

People made and used essential routes across the challenging South Pennine landscape. Communities grew out of the need for providing and maintaining these important routes. Find out about these communities and uncover the evidence for cross-Pennine communications in Marsden.

Join Lisa Keys, Heritage Consultant with Minerva Heritage, for a guided walk of Marsden on Saturday 20th July at 14:30. Meet at the the Marsden moor National Trust Office near Marsden Station.

Length - Approximately 2km (1.24 miles)

Time - Approximately 40 minutes

Difficulty - Easy. Some uphill and downhill slopes. Universally accessible. Well kept roads and pathways.

No need to book, just turn up on the day!

For more information or directiosn call 07761 441025 or email l.keys@minerva

Event poster