Whatever the Weather

This seems to be the motto of Sally Barker who was our year one artist in residence. She been managed to entice groups up into the Watershed Landscape despite the cold, damp, muddy conditions the South Pennine uplands offer in winter!

A series ofworkshops with Ravenscliffe School near Halifax introduced pupils to the sensory elements of the moors in the classroom and school grounds before a real trip up to Blackstone edge in the heart of the Watershed Landscape.

The windy conditions didn’t put the group off and they were determined have a go at producing art in the landscape itself.

‘Walking with that huge view, smelling the incredibly clean air, experiencing the solid force of the wind. Battling to keep the paper down, I papered a rock which was drawn on and explored with feet, we threw some ink on it and let the wind do its thing. We danced – well jumped up and down – it would be great to have some music up there to dance to – something that complemented the wind, the sheep, the grasses rustling.We used the paper as a mat to lay on & drew round people. We rolled and slithered over it, wrapped up in it using it as a blanket, taking paper out of its normal comfort zone.’ Sally Barker.

The pupils enjoyed a full moorland experience in a place that most had never visited before.