children flying kites

Photo: Janina Holubecki

Words on the Wind

Since beginning her residency, Char March, our year two writer, sought to inspire all sorts of people to get out and active in the uplands and to capture their experiences in a creative way.

Thorne Park Deaf School had a fabulous visit to Ovenden Moor with Char in May 2011. They flew kites which they had made, decorated and written on at school. Some of the pupils had never visited this type of landscape before and their enthusiasm was unstoppable. Char challenged the group to imagine what was underneath the resevoir; to think about why the moor was so lumpy and bumpy; to try to figure out who built the strange stone sculptures they encountered and to think about what the landscape would have been like thousands of years ago.

The class had an exciting first hand sensory experience of the moors as they felt different textures, smelt the different scents of the moor, and flew their kites in the wind. Char revisited the pupils at school to help them use their upland outing as inspiration for creative writing. Find out more about what they got up to by visiting our You Tube channel: Ovenden visit