Water and Words, Inspired by Landscape: II

Our second Inspired by Landscape exhibition showcasing the work of visual artist Angie Rogers and poet Char March opened in September 2011 at Cliffe Castle Museum. Huge 2.5m by 1.5m charcoal drawings of local reservoir towers with projected moving water took your breath away as you entered the gallery, and a fantastic soundtrack of atmospheric moorland noises and poetry inspired by the landscape brought the written and spoken word together with the visual.     

Both artists worked with a diverse range of local groups to help people to explore the South Pennine uplands in new ways: 'I don’t feel that comfortable with the moors so I was interested to see if I could connect with them; it’s been a challenge but one I’ve found inspiring. It’s been fantastic to explore the landscape with so many different people, from a 97-year-old lady and her fellow residents in sheltered accommodation to a group of teenage skateboarders' explained Char, who has also produced a film, sound-scape, listening posts and a banner of her written work.

'As part of the film we took a group of students from Thorn Park Deaf School in Bradford up on to the moors to fly kites. For most of them it was the first time they’d ever been and it was great to see their imaginations flying; they were all signing away so fast; it was terrific.'

Angie’s charcoal towers stood alongside her giant folded concertina book and ‘Enfolding Landscape’ print book, delicately constructed from 30 sheets of A2 screen-printed images of cotton grass and rippling water which snaked across the exhibition space.

Taking her inspiration from the reservoirs Angie has a particular interest in the valve towers found on many. 'Creating such large pieces for this exhibition has been physically demanding work and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. Hopefully it will encourage more people to go out onto the moors and to look at the reservoirs and to experience them,' explained Angie, who since the start of her residency in April has set up an Outdoor Art Group and also worked with A-level students from the Titus Salt School.